Cloud Phone System

Selecting the right company telephone system might be difficult in the present day scenario with a lot technological development in the telecommunication industry. But, you absolutely need an advanced business phone system that is flexible and has all the beneficial features and more than all things else – budget friendly

The primary benefit of the ClearTone’s cloud phone system – particularly for small and midsize companies – is the avoidance of initial investment and the inexpensive operational expenses.

Versatility and cost are indeed the two major benefits of ClearTone’s cloud phone system. Because telephone call are directed through the Web, users are devoid of wired relationships. Call transmitting is made in the cloud and handled by the Web phone service supplier.
Due to the fact that voice data is converted into digital information, long distance calls become inexpensive. This lets your business open up to a larger market sans limits. Your staff members can be sitting at various locations and still remain unified as a team and work cohesively.

Try out those amazing features such as call forwarding, improved voicemail, Web fax, and call evaluating and understand first-hand exactly how affordable can be to your business.

You can switch to Cleartone’s cloud phone system if you see the favorable changes in your business communications and the likely business rewards it will fetch.

Considering that a Cloud-based phone system is fully efficient in managing high traffic volumes, you could benefit from it by selecting a toll cost-free contact number which would be an advertising tool to enhance sales. A toll free number can help you forecast a more consistent image. You can expect more calls than since it is cost-free for customers to call.

A number of businesses are today making use of Clear tone’s cloud phone system and they would not have selected Cloud phone system if it was not affordable or carried various other company advantages.

As soon as you comprehend the fundamentals features and favorable benefits of Cloud phone system, you will appreciate that Cloud phone system will be a wonderful advantage for your company and it is going to improve your consumer relationship management and boost your total performance.

Some businesses have actually been early birds and they are the ones who are deriving one of the most advantages out of taking a leap from conventional phone lines to modern-day technologies like Cloud phone system. They are very early birds because they studied the unique merits of a having a Cloud phone system and switched over without loss of time.

With Cloud phone system, you will have the most affordable possible investment and budget friendly running costs but at the exact same time delight in a few of the most innovative features.

Hosted PBX Services

Take control over your incoming telecommunications , add and remove extensions , create call groups , Create Auto attendants and IVRs that help direct call flow that function as an off hours and holiday information and emergency contact system. Allow your employees access to voice mails via email and manage call forwarding and other phone features from a web based panel. Includes detailed call detail records and much more … see more.

Consulting Services

Need a new voicemail server a custom call center application or some custom call applications, we may be able to help. We have a line of products and services as well as assistance with open source applications such as Asterisk OpenSips and FreePBX. We can provide maintenance and migration on legacy equipment and new installations.

Hardware and UAs

Voip Phones come in many different prices points with various qualities and features, let us help you save money and choose the correct equipment for your business. Call and let us compare features and prices for you our partnerships allow for the best possible deals on name brand voip products.

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Hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX is a service which provides you the majority of the functions of a routine office-based phone system. For instance, you can transfer calls, put call hold and divert calls. You also have access to other features which are commonly not consisted of in office-based PBX systems; such as call queuing, call recording, and IVR Menu Systems. Rather than getting costly PBX Phone Systems, you pay a month-to-month cost to rent a put on a Hosted PBX system. This permits significant cash saving over buying a phone system. Premise-based PBX systems are really pricey to install and keep. Hosted PBX services are an excellent option as they offer numerous of the innovative functions of a standard PBX system at very sensible rates. There is no need to set up any costly premise-based hardware while making use of such phone service. Because the system functions from the provider’s setups, just a devoted phone line and an Internet connection suffices to set-up this phone service. The virtual office PBX service also eliminates the need to employ call-handling workers in the office. Inbound calls are gotten by the auto attendant with proper salutation messages then forwarded to the appropriate extensions,  is like having your very own receptionist 24/7, 365 days a year.
You’ve all heard it calling the big companies, “Press One, for Sales”, Two for Customer Service,”. This sort of service can put any small company in the big leagues fast.

Small businesses across America are thanking the contemporary age of Hosted PBX Services for their new found efficiency in managing clients. This innovation advances the individual attention of direct routing so the caller does not need to leave a personal message in a general voice-mail or answering service. It assists customers feel that individual connection and that promotes company. It also helps consumer feel they can leave a message and understand it is a pretty certainty that it is going where it needs to be with the call timely and call forwarding, offered in the Hosted PBX Service systems. The majority of business decides to offer personnel with a physical VoIP phone which appears like any other normal office phone. There are likewise choices of making use of VoIP software-based phones which permit users to make/receive calls through the Hosted PBX system while they are on the road, or when bad whether hits and most companies have to close, because staff cannot make it to the office, your company will stay open as usual due to the fact that all your personnel will be working from home.
You likewise have access to sophisticated features which are typically not included in office-based PBX systems, such as call recording, and IVR Menu Systems. Rather than buying expensive PBX Phone Systems, you pay a monthly cost to rent a location on a Hosted PBX system. Hosted PBX services are an exceptional alternative as they supply numerous of the innovative functions of a conventional PBX system at really affordable rates. It likewise helps consumer feel they can leave a message and understand it is a quite sure bet that it is going where it needs to be with the call prompt and call forwarding, readily available in the Hosted PBX Service systems.

We have many plans that meet your needs


Our most popular plan offering unlimited inbound and outbound calling in the US and Canada.

Metered Plan

A great option for extensions that need only occasional usage or are primarily for internal usage.

Virtual Extension

Ideal if you only want to receive inbound calls. Unlimited calls come to you via your unique DID and can be routed via the auto attendant or directly to you.

Let us help you choose the best plan for your business

Additional Services

Toll Free Number
Virtual Mailbox
Virtual Departent
Unlimited Fax

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More


An analog telephone adapter (ATA) is a device for connecting traditional analog telephones, fax machines, and similar customer-premise devices to a digital telephone system or a voice over IP telephony network.


An IP (Internet Protocol) PBX (Private branch exchange) is a PBX that provides audio, video, and instant messaging communication through the TCP/IP protocol stack for its internal network and interconnects its internal network with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for telephony communication.

IP Phones

A VoIP phone or IP Phone uses Voice over IP (Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP) technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network, such as the Internet, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN)

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Alternate numbers

  • Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Authentication

  • Blind Call Transfer

  • Call Forwarding Busy/No Aswer

  • Call Return

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Waiting Enhacement

  • Call Ringback

  • Call Transfer with Three-Way Consultation

  • Call Transfer with Third-Party Consultation

  • Call Line ID Blocking

  • Call Line ID Delivery

  • Call Manager and Phone

  • Custom Ringback

  • Direct Inward/Outward Dialing Users

  • Distinctive Alert/Ringing

  • Extension Dialing Enables

  • Auto Attendant

  • Phone List

  • Remote Office

  • Residential Voice Portal

  • Residential Call Restrictions

  • Ring Splash

  • Selective Call Rejection

  • Simultaneous Ring

  • Three-Way Calling

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